Employee well-being

At MMIC, employees find a work environment that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Our Well-being committee makes it easier to practice healthy habits. Fresh fruit in the break room, free health monitors and walking meetings contribute to the culture of health that surrounds employees.

We are committed to actively supporting five aspects of overall health and well-being for our employees. In fact, it’s our policy. And two employee-led committees ensure we put our money where our mouth is.

Our well-being efforts are designed around the findings of Tom Rath and Jim Harter in Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements.

Career well-being

We all want to love our jobs – to be paid for doing a job that feels satisfying, to apply our best talents and skills to a worthy cause and to find enjoyment and fulfillment in the work we do every day. In short, we want career well-being. And at MMIC, we want you to have it, too. Here, you’ll find strong leadership, supportive colleagues and an ambiance of enthusiasm and excitement about the future.

Social well-being

Data suggest that to have a thriving day, people must find avenues to socialize with family, friends and colleagues up to six hours a day. At MMIC, collaboration is at the core of everything we do, and employees find opportunities at every turn to socialize both formally and informally, whether it be challenging a colleague to a game of foosball or taking a fellow team member out for a birthday lunch.

Financial well-being

We all know that money can’t buy happiness. But there is a sense of peace that comes when you have achieved financial well-being. While our benefits package is designed to ensure our employees’ have what they need to live comfortably, we want to do more. Our Well-being committee organizes opportunities for employees to learn more and do more to achieve financial well-being through a variety of educational opportunities.

Physical well-being

Feeling good keeps energy high and sharpens thinking, so we want everyone to feel their best. At MMIC, employees find an abundance of opportunities that make it easy to pay mind to their physical health, including things like fresh fruit in the break room and free Fitbit® health monitors for all employees. Employees also receive an annual $200 reimbursement for a health or wellness expense of their choice, such as new running shoes or a gym membership.

Community well-being

The GIVE (Gifts Initiated Via Employees) committee is dedicated to empowering employees to give back to the communities in which they live and work, including nonprofit organizations our employees are involved in or have personally benefited from. Each MMIC employee is authorized to use a portion of company funds for an act of community giving of their choice. And each year, the GIVE committee selects several employee-nominated nonprofit organizations to receive cash donations from MMIC.