Network services

When caring for people is your passion, the last thing you want to do is focus energy on maintaining a technology network infrastructure, even knowing how important it is for quality health care delivery.

MMIC’s experienced Microsoft PC technicians and server administrators can help ensure your network infrastructure is sound and secure. We’re ready to support and assist your internal IT staff or dedicate a full team to your network project.

Network service packages

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When you need to...

Network administration and maintenance

  • Install, configure, upgrade, migrate or maintain:
    • Servers
    • Desktop or laptop PCs
    • Printers, scanners and other peripherals
    • Email and messaging applications
  • Back up servers and networks

Network infrastructure engineering

Design, implement, and optimize your network infrastructure (for example, when moving to or adding a new location):

  • Assess and ensure network security, including firewall, intrusion detection/prevention systems and antivirus solutions
  • Set up and configure wireless access within your network
  • Implement remote connectivity (eg, VPN, routing)
  • Create a disaster recovery plan