Cyber Solutions®

Cyber Solutions® is comprehensive insurance program to help protect you and your reputation.

In the health care industry today, it’s not a matter of if a breach will occur — it’s a matter of when. Patient data is a target for fraudulent use and according to Ponemon Institute’s latest research, malicious or criminal attacks are now the leading cause of data breach.1

Comprehensive Coverage

Eligible 2 policyholders receive $100,000 in coverage as an endorsement to their policy, with the option to purchase up to $10,000,000. Coverage is included for both third party liability claims as well as first party (direct) costs incurred in the event of a privacy breach with no deductible.

Coverage includes:

  • Multimedia liability coverage
  • Security and privacy liability coverage
  • Privacy regulatory defense and penalties coverage (to the extent insurable by law)
  • PCI DSS assessment coverage*
  • Privacy breach response costs, patient notification expenses, patient support and credit monitoring
  • Network asset protection
  • Cyber extortion coverage
  • Cyber terrorism coverage
  • BrandGuard®*
  • Medefense® Plus*

* Indicates new coverage provided in 2017 pending approval of state departments of insurance.

Refer to the Cyber Solutions® Flyer for detailed coverage information.

Online Loss Prevention Resources

As an MMIC policyholder, you have unlimited access to an online data security risk management service including:

  • Online compliance materials
  • Expert support online
  • Step-by-step procedures to lower risk
  • Training modules
  • Guidance for handling data breaches

To gain access to the HIPAA Help Line and the Online Loss Prevention Resources Website, please Log in to your MMIC Account.

Downloadable Application Forms (PDF)

1 Sixth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy & Security of Healthcare Data published by the Ponemon Institute
May 2016.

2 Eligible policyholders include independently owned and operated physician practices, hospitals, long-term care and outpatient facilities with revenues less than $250 million and medical professional liability deductibles less than $250,000.