Physician Advisory Council

Our claim consultants work closely with MMIC’s physician advisory council (PAC) to review, analyze and evaluate the majority of cases. PAC members include legal advisors and physicians from multiple specialties who lend their medical expertise to improve patient care.

The council members:

  • Evaluate and provide insight into the care and treatment provided
  • Help MMIC claim consultants and defense counsel understand the medicine and potential problems with care, treatment and patient outcomes
  • Share knowledge regarding the local medical climate, culture, trends and issues
  • Identify medical experts to assist the insured physician involved in the case
  • Identify gaps in best practices and recommend potential risk prevention strategies using evidence-based data
  • Identify teachable moments in the health care process and use that knowledge to educate and improve future behaviors in the health care industry
  • Take lessons learned from the council back to their residents and practices to educate, prevent errors and improve patient outcomes