Policyholder services


As an MMIC policyholder, you’ll have access to a library of resources chock-full of case studies, training and education, tools, publications, and more to help you reduce risk and promote patient safety.


MMIC offers regularly scheduled live webinars throughout the year. In addition, policyholders have access to our full library of archived webinars for on-demand viewing. Our webinars are led by MMIC and industry experts, and cover a broad range of patient safety, risk and health IT topics.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

MMIC partners with a leading provider of online medical education courses – Medical Interactive – to offer policyholders free and convenient access to high-quality instruction. These courses can help you improve the safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness of patient care. CME credit is available.


Our digital self-assessments can help you uncover potential risks in your organization. You’ll get immediate feedback in the form of a report outlining the identified risks and practical, helpful recommendations for improvement. You’ll even see metrics comparing your scores to those of other organizations.

Our assessments focus on common risk areas for clinics, hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, long-term care organizations and human resources groups.

Bundled Solutions

We’ve made it easy to find just the resources you need with our Bundled Solutions — collections of training and educational resources to help mitigate malpractice risk in high-risk areas, including chronic pain management, long-term care, obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery and anesthesia.

Sample policies and procedures

We provide more than 100 sample policies and procedures to reference when developing and reviewing your risk management protocols.


HR consulting

Through an arrangement with WJ Flynn and Associates, LLC, we offer our policyholders two free hours of human resource (HR) consulting when risk management issues include employees.

On-site assessments

Our onsite assessments will help you identify areas of exposure in your organization and offer practical, helpful recommendations. We evaluate:

  • Overall operations
  • High-risk areas
  • Medical record documentation

Onsite assessments are available for qualified accounts following completion of an interactive self-assessment.


MMIC clients have access to years of knowledge and expertise through our extensive library of white papers, as well as our archive of MMIC manuals and newsletters.

Translated patient education

Through our partnership with the eXchange, MMIC clients have access to one of the country’s largest archives of translated health education for patients who have limited English skills, or patients whose cultural expectations of illness, wellness, treatment and cures may differ markedly from those commonly accepted among your staff.

Video library

In addition to printed educational materials and webinars, MMIC policyholders have access to a lending library of educational videos covering many patient safety and risk management topics.