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Most physicians will face a lawsuit at least once during their career. We understand the heavy personal and professional toll an adverse event or claim can have on any health care provider, and we are here to help you get through it.

Protecting your reputation and professional integrity is at the heart of what we do

Our claims service team includes highly trained, seasoned professionals who are experts in managing medical liability cases, and who have been assisting and protecting the reputations of clients like you for more than 35 years. Several members of our claim team have professional backgrounds in both law and medicine, and we retain the industry's best and brightest defense attorneys to represent you in litigated cases.



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Quickly taking action can help reduce future risk and optimize positive outcomes

We work with all parties to foster an atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism. We thoroughly investigate each claim, involving our policyholders in both the investigation and the decision of whether to settle or defend.

Each case is unique, and resolution may take many forms—sometimes apology and communication is helpful, sometimes a trial is the best path, or it may be important to work with media experts to develop a crisis communication protocol.

If a claim involves a privacy data breach or other cyber security issue, our cyber partner, NAS Insurance Services, LLC—a national cyber market leader for over 40 years—can provide fast attention to help minimize future risk and address issues arising from the claim.

Address issues early and well for better outcomes
We assist you with claims, and coach you through difficult conversations and apologies
We're here for you, on both a legal and an emotional level

Protect your reputation and build community with guidance from our media and PR experts
Address cyber threats promptly with our streamlined claims process and emergency hotline

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Cyber Solutions® & Medefense® Plus

Add coverage to protect
your practice in the event of:

  • privacy and security breaches
  • cyber extortion
  • multi-media liability
  • cyber crime
  • defense costs
  • fines and penalties related to billing audits and investigations
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