Expert Consultation

Ask away—We're here to help

Our team of risk and patient safety consultants are here for you when you need help managing any issue, large or small. Whether it's timely advice on an unanticipated event, help assessing your risks, patient safety concerns or employee issues, our consultants bring years of expertise and knowledge on a broad range of issues.

Advice anytime

Question? Our experts are available when you need information, not hours or days later. After business hours or anytime, policyholders can log in and search online in our Bundled Solutions, which include comprehensive resources for trending topics in risk mitigation and patient safety, plus a robust set of training, educational and clinical resources.

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Early intervention

Complaints, miscommunications, medical errors or adverse events can affect both patient safety and your reputation. Our experienced consultants will help you address issues early, document details, or offer Apology and Communication if warranted. Our goal is to help you prevent or resolve situations quickly to minimize your risk and create better patient outcomes.

HR consulting

Our risk and patient safety consultants can help identify situations in which expert human resource (HR) consultation is needed. Through an arrangement with WJ Flynn and Associates, LLC, we offer our policyholders two free hours of HR consulting when risk management issues include employees.

Meet our risk and patient safety experts

Our team includes a diverse set of health care backgrounds—nurses, attorneys, scientists and educators, plus organizational, regulatory and communication experts, and more. We're here to answer your questions, address issues and offer data-informed solutions. See Bios.

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