Health Care Facilities

Because you deliver great care

Capacity to
provide up to

$21 M

in Limits per Claim

Every type of health care facility faces unique risks in delivering great care. We offer you comprehensive coverage that's optimized for you, including medical professional liability insurance (MPLI) and general liability (GL) insurance, plus excess coverage as well as alternative risk financing options, and more.

In the event of claims, we’re here with expert legal and provider wellbeing resources, so your facility can keep giving your communities the very best of care.

We cover a broad range of health care facilities, including behavioral health, rehabilitation, home health care, hospice, staffing agencies, ambulance services, laboratories, schools, treatment centers, surgery centers and specialized services.

What we offer for coverage for this group

Our coverage options include medical professional liability insurance (MPLI), general liability (GL), employee benefits liability (EBL), excess liability and alternative risk financing options. Cyber Solutions® and Medefense® Plus are included with most MPLI packages, at no additional charge and with no deductible.

HEALTH CARE FACILITIES - Medical Professional Liability Coverage Highlights  MPL Coverage Highlights for Health Care Facilities   

Alternative Risk Financing Options

In addition to traditional insurance programs, we offer alternative risk financing options including:

  • Self-insured retentions
  • Fronting arrangements
  • Loss portfolio transfers
  • Large or small deductibles
  • Stand-alone reporting endorsements
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Cyber Solutions® & Medefense® Plus

Add coverage to protect
your practice in the event of:

  • privacy and security breaches
  • cyber extortion
  • multi-media liability
  • cyber crime
  • defense costs
  • fines and penalties related to billing audits and investigations
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