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Transforming behavior and culture at work webinars: harmful workplace behavior – the legal and human resource risks and costs

Recorded: June 18, 2014

Presenters: Mary Krakow and Walt Flynn

Description: This is the second in a series of special webinars aimed at health care professionals that explores how to improve health care workplace culture by increasing healthy behaviors and eliminating harmful behaviors. Inappropriate behavior by managers, physicians, and other employees in the healthcare workplace is all too common. Such behavior not only harms employee morale and productivity, but also can create unexpected legal risks and costs in the form of disruptive incidents and even costly litigation and monetary remedies. Is your workplace at risk?


  1. Identify the legal risks of tolerating harmful workplace behavior.
  2. Identify management’s legal obligations for addressing harmful workplace behavior.
  3. Learn effective communication strategies to encourage appropriate behavior in the health care workplace.
  4. Formulate policies and programs to facilitate appropriate behavior in the health care workplace.


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